Similarities And Differences Between Iliad And Achilles

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Homer’s epic poem The Iliad has various types of characters and theme. The Iliad focuses on two main characters, Achilles and Hector. These two characters have opposing personalities and fewer similarities. For Homer’s Iliad, these two characters are excellent heroic figures to Greek audiences. Both of these characters portray great strength and heroism as warriors in different ways. The Iliad can also be seen as a story about Greek culture, but from a Christian perspective, this contradicts Christian views. One of the contrasting views that the Iliad is that their gods are human like. While from a Christian perspective Christ is perfect in all aspects.
To begin with, the contrasting character of Achilles and Hector is that one is more prideful.
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Hector is much less controlled by emotions and instinct. He is more rational and responsible of the people surrounding him. He is also a lot more careful about his actions as he is aware of the consequences. Hector also understands his duty to his people whereas Achilles goes against his commander. Achilles is on a pedestal for being the best warrior in the Achaean army. While Hector understands his position is more important than pride. One example of Hector 's nature is when his brother Paris dueled against Menelaus. Menelaus a Trojan soldier and Pair fight for Hellen the most beautiful woman at the time. Hector saw this as irresponsible and scolded Paris behavior for stealing someone’s wife. Hector 's statement to Paris he says,” Paris, you desperate, womanizing pretty boy! I wish you had never been born or had died unmarried. Better that than this disgrace before the troops. Can’t you just hear it, the long-haired Greeks chuckling and saying that our champion won. For good looks but come up short on offense and defense”. Hector found that going up against such a strong opponent for a girl was pointless. And degrading as a prince, especially in front of the troops. Hector 's honor self-respect and responsibility than prideful…show more content…
During the time the Iliad was written, there was a great division. The division between believing in the Greek gods or believing in Jesus Christ. One of the contrasting views is that the Greeks have some flawed human characteristics. An example of this is when Hector asks the gods for help more specifically Zeus. He promises to Hector was that he would the Trojans a great victory over the Achaeans. Zeus wasn’t able to keep his promise to Hector, and the Trojans lost which led to Hector 's death. In the view of Christianity, Christ is all perfect in every way and has no flaws. Christ made everything in his perfect image and gives humans free will that leads to human flaws. An example of this is the book of Genesis. In Genesis 1:27 God creates man in his own perfect image. And in Genesis 3 because of human temptations man sins but God still loves

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