Silicon Valley

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From its primitive days it was simply a fruit orchard. Not the slightest sign of ever becoming the world’s most influential place for technological innovation. Sure enough there was one man who saw another vision of what the place could be. He did all he could to bring respect to his underprivileged university. His hard work and restless character made it possible to set the foundation for the greatest region to influence the lives of many. With the help of other bright men, they paved the way for companies to prosper in an economic surge that has not ever been topped since, but it also came to a decline when things were at their all time high.

Before the region that became known as the famous hub of all things technology, Silicon Valley was a well maintained fruit orchard that spread over a couple of miles. Although located near Stanford University, the stretch of land had no signs of ever becoming the revolutionary place that is recognized throughout the world today. By the help of professors and their brightest students at Stanford University, Silicon Valley was created and became known as the world’s location of innovation in technology.

The professor who is recognized for being the father of Silicon Valley is Frederick Terman. Prior to shaping the world’s technology and engineering center of the world, Terman had to make Stanford University a respectful and prestigious ground in the fields of technology and engineering. He achieved this by a policy he called “sleepless of excellence, by which Stanford would pay top salaries to attracting outstanding faculty members… and promising graduate students (Narins n.p.).” His efforts proved to be successful and the University flourished with his leadership. His next s...

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