Silent Scream

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Wednesday 4th. 2014 KyungSoo spent his days in a constant routine that was engraved in his life. Sometimes to the point where he lost track of time or days. Work, eat, sleep... Maybe. There are thing people just get used to, even though they shouldn't. I takes twenty-one days for something to became a habit; KyungSoo tortured himself everyday, that was his habit. He thought too much, that was the problem. Thinking and analysing everything became something of a torture. Looking for the same eyes he saw before. For those one kind of eyes. Someone once told him, that even though his eyes were quite big, they were very empty. That he was missing something. Yet they never said what. Although overall, you could say KyungSoo was happy. He felt happy. But maybe it was just an act, something he got so used to if seemed real. He smiled, he laughted, he joked around. He was happy, just that deep inside there was something missing. The thing that doesn't show up until you lay in the bed alone, thinking it would be nice if someone was beside you. KyungSoo had an ear for music and a voice worth listening. Some days, you could've heard him sing behind the counter, at the backstage where no one saw him. He didn't liked to be jugdes, because it would define his talent or the absence of it. People said he was shy and secretive, but those few who got to know him, knew he was very outgoing and talkative. He liked listening to vinyls the most, said they remind him of the past and let him forget for a moment. “Soo, play for me. My ears are craving for that sound.” He used to play the piano before, but one day he stopped and never played again. Sometimes he stared a the piano and wanted to feel the keys again, but he never did. On the days like this, he... ... middle of paper ... ...d him and placed his head on her shoulder, letting him cry, but wanting to stop, because it hurt seeing her beloved child like this. It took hours two hours, two cups of tea and two sleeping tablets for JongIn to close his eyes again. “Honey, I'm worried about him lately. I don't know what's happening to him.” She went back to her room and sat next to the very awoken husband that sat, listening to her running around the house to bring JongIn everything he needed and stared at her beautiful, yet tired features. He missed his wife, even though she was close, she was far, because her mind wasn't with him but with JongIn. That accident changed them all. His wife became more tired, she spoke less and often sat, looking at the picture of the little child when he was five and cried somedays. He lived through work, took his mind off by reading, spent less time with his son.

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