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Silence is one of the most powerful tools in society. Certain silences are revelations and more expressive than words. It enhances authority, as one may silence themselves in order to gain greater authority, or one will silence themself in fear of the high-power figure. Composers comment on the various aspects of authority through the use of techniques. Three texts that explore notions of authority are Nick Enright’s disturbing play, A Property of the Clan, William Golding’s dystopian novel, Lord of the Flies and a classic Australian coming-of-age movie directed by Bruce Beresford, Puberty Blues (1981). Enright’s play demonstrates the effects tragedy has on a community, in particular, the teenagers. Golding’s novel depicts a group of boys who’s thin veneer of civil behaviour is stripped away and are forced to govern themselves to survive and Beresford’s film exposes the confronting reality of abusive power males have over females of the younger generation. As seen in all three texts, individuality verses community is a war within social societies. Peer pressure plays a major role to influence choice for one to either, stand up by themselves or remain within the community circle. Along with peer pressure, there is the idea that a society without an authority figure is merely a non-existent social division. It’s apparent in texts one and three that the nature of abusive authority is predominantly at the hands of males. Authority can range from the power to inspire belief to the strict enforcement of obedience. Silence does strengthen authority but it is not the only factor. Although one may sometimes feel as though he or she has no choice but to obey an authority, Nick Enright suggests that this is not true; the fear of being lone... ... middle of paper ... ...g out derogatory slang “slack ass moles” “chicks don’t surf”, the girls ignore and enjoy their freedom on the waves. One remaining reticent only feeds the abuse inflicted by a negative authority; breaking silence will diminish abusive authority. Silence is authority’s stamina to rule, however authority is strongly reliant on obedience, fear and respect. In every society an authority figure is present, without a doubt his/her power is given them by the people of their society. When an individual disobeys an authority, thus strengthening their self-authority, they will be socially ostracized. The fear of this concept can force one to submit to peer pressure; one of the leading abusive authorities. These three texts indicate the efficacy on authority when silence is a factor, this supports Leonardo Da Vinci’s quote ‘Nothing strengthens authority as much as silence.’

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