Significant Moment In My Life Essay

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Everybody have a significant moment in their lives’, in which they can vividly recall. Graduating high school was one significant moment in my life that I can remember every graphic detail and feeling that occurred. Flashbacks come and go as I try to relive the experience, however, one can’t experience the happiness I felt walking across the stage, unless I start from the events leading up to this special moment. Before graduation day arrived, there were miniature moments contributing to its grand gesture. A month in advance, I was at Prestige (a photography company), posing for my cap and gown pictures. Dressed in my royal blue gown and matching cap, the only accessories I had were a gray and blue tonsil, with a 14 hanging from its rim.…show more content…
I followed the path of the seating, looking for the paper that read: “Brenton Walker.” This led me to the seat right after my twin sisters’ seat. Our guidance counselor briefly went through the program with us, and then we practiced our entrance and exit methods for the ceremony. Rehearsal lasted about two hours.
June 15, 2014, graduation day finally arrived. This was the day I’d waited my 12 plus years of school for and much more. I woke up in a blissful mood. Not to mention, the aroma of my mothers’ blueberry pancakes filling the entire house was a hint that something great was happening today. My sister and I ate our pancakes and went about our day preparing for graduation. The only last minute thing I had to do was get a fresh haircut.
Close to 4 o’clock I began preparing for the ceremony. I ironed my robe, knocking out any wrinkles. These warm feeling took over my body, both anxiety and accomplishment. The feelings intensified as I kept checking the time on my galaxy phone to make sure I didn’t leave the house too late. As we made our way to the car, my sister and I made quite a scene, taking pictures in our gowns together. The neighbors congratulated us for our big accomplishment and then we left for

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