Significant Elements Of Theory: Theory X Theory Z And Theory Y

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In review of several significant elements of theory as it concerns theory X theory Z and theory Y. In addition, we identified the various components that help build the landscape and understanding of theory. In addition to a diverse set of views associated with theory and its relationships that guide managers as well as researchers in the development of theory and practical applications within a given area of study. However, research has unveiled a view of Theory X that workplace produces a negative effect on employee morale as well as performance (Head, 2011). Although theory X, thought to be the prescribed answer in the areas of production and provides stringent guidelines that effectively developed to meet quotas and quality, it leaves a…show more content…
Theory Y and Z are promoted as processes that motivate workers both intrinsically as well as mentally. Thus creating work life experiences that benefit both the company and the worker. However, unlike his counterpart theory X, theories Y and Z promote the idea of management looking at workers as passionate about work, which develops quality due to the existing work life quality. Additionally, workers benefit greatly within a theory Y, and Z management because of several aspects. Employees’ instinctive motivational factors intensify due to their ability to interact with management on higher levels such as being a part of informational control, group decision making, the feeling of trust, and perhaps best of all work-life balance (Head, 2011) . In order to develop a better understanding a researcher could possibly design a questionnaire to capture a number of variables to explain the existence and applicability of the various theories discussed above. Thus research of theory is created understanding about a number of quantitative and qualitative aspects associated with organizational behavior and…show more content…
Theories X, Y and a number of models of Z contain in areas such as human resource management, organizational behavior and organizational development. Theory Z, however similar to that of theory Y, in that management makes the assumption about team members or employees being motivated, but in theory Z it viewed as a strong sense of commitment and being part of something that is legitimate and real. In addition theory Z management promotes the belief that employees go beyond theory Y being self-motivated but seek out opportunities and responsibilities craving advancement as they learn. However, Theory Z is centered on growing worker devotion towards the organization by giving employment for a lifetime having a powerful concentrate on the actual well-being from the worker, each off and on the task. Based on Ouchi, Theory Z supervision has a tendency to create a view of work as constant, and performed at a higher efficiency, as well as higher worker appreciation and respect as well as delivering a filling of

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