Significance Of Saint Patrick's Day

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Even though all these legends are just legends, they grew Saint Patrick's popularity. As I mentioned earlier people are celebrating Saint Patrick every year on 17th March. Over the years Saint Patrick's Day became the biggest national celebration in the world. This day has a big religious significance it celebrates the Christianity introduction in Ireland. One of the best ways to celebrate his memory but also Ireland itself is to wear that green plant named “the shamrock”. The shamrock became like a badge and the widest symbol of Ireland. Everyone wears the shamrock with pride or at least they used to do it. There is a saying that “everyone wants to be an Irish on Saint Patrick's Day” and the expression “Irish at heart”. According to the…show more content…
For that to happen there had to be derogation from the fasting period in which intervals the Saint Patrick's Day is. After this derogation the traditional drinks were allowed like the “Drowning the shamrock. This is the practice of dunking the plant into the last drink of the night, and throwing the leaves over the left shoulder before knocking back the dregs of 'Patrick's Pot'.” The food is special too because they are allowed to eat meat (thanks to the derogation from the fasting period) together with cabbage and green…show more content…
He was the one that taught Christianity in Ireland and for that he will always be remembered. I can say that nowadays the traditions are split in two, a sacred part with the old traditions and a modern part with all the fun activities that made the celebration a bit commercial. Maybe people made this celebration a bit more commercial but the important thing is that they are still celebrating. “St Patrick who had made the biggest impact in the country by converting thousands of people by preaching the gospel.” Saint Patrick was not religious from the beginning even if he comes from a religious family but he turned into Christianity after he was kidnapped. He preached all his life and died in his own church. In all these 40 years of preaching Saint Patrick taught his faith, converted clan chiefs, built schools, churches, monasteries and convinced a lot of Irish people to became nuns and monks. There are the other legends about him too but they can’t be proved. Like the one with the snakes. There is no proof that the snakes have ever been in Ireland. Even today you can find snakes only in the zoo. It is more likely a metaphor for banishing the
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