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Art can be a controversial topic, no matter what type of art is being discussed. Most people would not automatically think of Sign Language when they hear the word “art”. American Sign Language is an amazing form of communication, which incorporates different forms of art within the art itself. Sign language incorporates facial expressions, space, and movement. This art form allows Deaf people to communicate with others. Some people in the education system do not think sign language is a positive form of art because it separates the Deaf from the hearing. Others are trying to figure out methods to “fix” the Deaf so they can be more like the majority of people. Instead of adapting to the Deaf and learning their language, many want them to learn how to speak. Sign language is an important art and form of communication that is often overlooked. Sign Language may not be as poetic as French, or as widely used as Spanish, but it is an important form of communication that helps connect those who are Deaf to the hearing world.
People who do not consider sign language a form of art should try to relate it to another form of art, such as dance. Dance and sign language share many of the same features, such as facial expressions, space, and movement. Dancers depend heavily on facial expressions in order to translate the mood of the dance to the audience. People who use sign language depend on facial expressions in order to get their point across. “The facial expressions you use while doing a sign will affect the meaning of that sign. For example, if you sign the word ‘quiet,’ and add an exaggerated or intense facial expression, you are telling your audience to be ‘very quiet’”(Vicars). Art can also involve space, which is incorporated in sign...

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...nit. The cochlear implants have a lot of effect on the art of sign language. The implants are causing the once hearing impaired, to loose their native language. If one decides to get a Cochlear Implant, they should still practice sign language in order to stay in touch with the Deaf Community.
Many people clearly promote sign language and others are definitely against the language. The Deaf should not be forced to speak or hear if it is against their wishes. Deaf individuals already have to live in a hearing world, so the hearing should do everything they can to make the minority feel welcomed instead of trying to change them. People who negatively criticize a certain type of art are often not educated enough on that specific topic. Every type of art is unique and incredible, but sometimes people fail to recognize the amazing qualities of a particular form of art.
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