Sigmund Freud's Theory Of Morality

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Sigmund Freud believed that society has instilled morality upon us, exterminating our individualism. This morality eventually leads to neurosis, in which it becomes more difficult for us to maintain ourselves through the stress of society’s morality. I disagree with Freud, because I believe that morality isn’t forced on us externally, but internally through reason. As humans developed reason, we also developed a sense of morality through that reason. Freud believes that humans should do what they want because we shouldn’t restrict ourselves on society 's behalf. However, I believe that restriction is an essential part of our character, and allows humanity to advance further than any other race. Morality, like reason, keeps us safe from the…show more content…
My main issue with this is that there are a majority of people who don’t fall under the pressure of society. I think it’s unnatural to succomb to neurosis, as it demonstrates a person’s inability to adhere to their own reasoning. A form a natural selection if you will, where the strong are those who can handle a reasonable, societal life, and the weak are those who cannot. If neurosis was a sign that morality is bad for humans, isn 't it also true that an accomplished life is a sign that morality is good for humans? Isn’t the very fact that humans are thriving today a sign that morality is an achievement rather than a folly? Neurosis is a sign of mental weakness, and that’s why they have a much harder life. A fish with a bad fin may renounce fins all together, but that doesn’t make having fins a bad thing. Yes, maybe having fins restricts a fish from having other experiences, but it’s also an essential part of the fish, one that allows it to survive easier. And just as fish developed fins to swim, humans developed morality to coexist. This is why I believe that neurosis isn’t just caused by the pressures of society’s morals, but rather an individual 's weak
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