Sigmund Freud 's Theory Of Psychoanalysis

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In chapter one, we discussed about Sigmund Freud’s theory of psychoanalysis which means that individual thoughts, feeling and behavior are determined by our unconscious or unaware mind. Sigmund 's Freud’s theory of psychoanalysis can relate to one of my friends that I have had in the past that were really unaware of their urges and sexual desires even when they know what is right and wrong. My friend had numerous girlfriends, but all of them seemed to just leave him and it is all because of the same reason. When he had a girlfriend, they would last for a decent three months but somewhere around the middle of their relationship, my friend would somehow starts seeing other girls and some of those girls, he would even have sexual intercourse. I think this relates to what Sigmund Freud is trying to say about having an unconscious mind and that some humans would push all threatening urges desires, and even when my friend knows the right and wrong behavior, he would still follow what he desires in his head. Just like during the Victorian Stage in history and how the women would go to him and they would tell him everything that was happening, and how the women would get abused sexually by her husbands friends. In chapter one, we discussed about John B. Watson’s theory that all behaviors were to be learned like what he did towards “little Albert” and the white mouse. There are several connections that I can make from my own experience of how John B. Watson conditioned “little Albert” mind. This can relate to myself but in case it is about seeing the dark. Ever since I was a kid my parents would always tell me that to not walk away from them especially at night. They would always scare me and say “there’s a monster there!!” or there’s a g... ... middle of paper ... ...k that i would never forget. I remember that it was presentation day and it usually takes about four people to present the whole class and he was the first one to present this powerpoint and a few paper handouts that he had to distribute to the class. After he was done putting up his powerpoint up, he then hand out his papers and right before he hand the papers he looked kinda strange and i do not know if it was only me but he looks like for some reason he looked lost and doesn 't know what was going on. Then his epileptic seizure attacked and everyone panicked. I saw that my teacher had called the office and he started putting him on his side and took of his glasses and opened the windows and doors. His seizure lasted for two to three minutes. The process of lateralization has to have a corpus callosum to connect the two hemisphere and to prevent epilepsy to occur.

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