Sigmund Freud, Alfred Adler, C.J. Jung and William James

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Sigmund Freud, Alfred Adler, C.J. Jung and William James were all brilliant and diverse theorists who made vast contributions to the science of psychological studies. These brilliant minds fueled the psychological studies of future theorists with their contrasting theoretical approaches and discoveries. At times, they collaborated to formulate concepts and understandings but separated because of conceptual disputes. Freud’s psychoanalysis theory was at the epicenter of some studies but these men in their individuality contributed their own theoretical concepts and developed their own schools of thought from Jung’s analytical psychology, Adler’s independent school of psychotherapy, James’s theory of emotion and Freud’s psychoanalytical theory. The study of the mind is ongoing as society evolves and adapts, whereby creating new mental processes to analyze and understand. Their contributions to the psychological school of thought continue to be embraced by many modern day psychologists.

Sigmund Freud was an Austrian neurologist who developed the discipline of psychoanalysis, theories about the unconscious mind, repression and verbal psychotherapy a method of treating psychopathology through verbal dialogue between patient and psychoanalyst. The principles of psychoanalysis therapy are human behavior; experience and cognition are determined by innate and irrational drives that are mainly unconscious. He believed bringing those irrational drives to awareness meet psychological resistance in the form of defense mechanism.

An individual’s developed is determined by events that occurred during childhood and any conflict between the conscious and unconscious. He believed nothing an individual does is because of chance and every a...

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... a science. The brink of the twenty first century will bring new psychologist, new theories, and more, but psychologist like Freud, Jung, Adler and James will never be forgotten for paving the way!


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