Sigmund Freud

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Sigmund Freud Sigmund Freud was an interesting man with many opinions and ideas, ranging from Religion, to philosophy, to medicine, all the way to science. Sigmund Freud was born in 1856 in Maravia, but grew up in Vienna. He started out by studying medicine, then later, in 1885, traveled to Paris, where Charcot encouraged him to study hysteria from a pschological point of view. Then later, in 1895, making his first publishing, Uber Hysterie. Freud was the man who came up with all these theories about why we dream, and what they mean. He believes that what we dream about is what we, without knowing it, desire. After many years of work and study, Freud died in 1938. But he will always be remembered because of all his accomplishments, and creativity. According to the book, The Ordeal of Civility, Freuds book, The Interpretation of Dreams which was written in 1900, concluded in the great ninteenth-century debate on "Jewish Emancipation", Freuds early work seemed to have so much censorship that it blocks the Jewish socialization, and in turn makes some sort of a compromise which is the assimilating Jew. Freud was very interesting in the way that his imagination worked. He believes very strongly that what we dream is what we may un- knowingly fantasize about. Maybe we don't recognize these fantasies and wishes, but supposedly they are there. Just as the "Jewish Emancipation" was the unruly wish that could fulfill itself only in a disguised dream of some sort. As Freud points out, a wish left unrecognized and has been disguised, had to have existed in some way in order to make itself defensive toward recognition, which in a dream would turn out distorted. And I... ... middle of paper ... ... by his writings. Sigmind Freud was definately one of a kind, and the fact that he made history is very promising. I think, though, that in some ways he was a confused and twisted man.But that is only my oppinion. He obviously made an impression on many others, because he is very well known. If I had to do it all over again, I would still choose Sigmund Freud, because he sure kept me on my toes. I would recommend Freud as a topic to anyone else that needs to do a report, because I really learned a lot that I hadn't known before. It helped me appreciate my religion even more than I already had. It also helped me to open my imagination. And I think it would do the same for anyone else. It is one of those topics where you have to pay attention and really focus, orelse you will be really lost. But Sigmund Freud is definately worth it!

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