Sierra Degrasse: A Case Study On Nature Vs. Nurture

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Sierra Degrasse: Introduction Over the last couple of decades scientist, psychologist, and people have questioned over the idea, and the stereo typical question of nature versus nurture. Using twin studies, scientist have been given the understanding that the environment and heredity influence their behavior development. With using the adoption in twin studies, the doctors and scientists have been able to tell the extent to which the resemblance and families is due to the jeans that are shared and due to the environment that is shared. Because of the jeans that are identical carried by the monozygotic twins, identical twins, there has been a great appeal to most scientists and doctors. Psychologist have been able to link the strong genetic…show more content…
Because of this debate there have been many tests and studies that have been done on twins. A lot of these studies include ones with twins that were either raised together or raised separately and they try to determine the outcome of whether the twins have similarities or differences in their behavior. There are plenty studies about twins who were separated at birth reunite later in life as adults to discover that they were the same person growing up, using the same brand of toothpaste, or liking the same cereals, or that they had given the same name to their children. This is the suggestion that jeans played into the role of the personality development, giving nature the upper hand. But then when scientist start tackling into the depth of this argument, going to more deep ethical questions, or perhaps it was theenvironment they grew up in that made them like these things. It is the way that one turns out where the nature versus nurture her comes into play. The ultimate answer as to which comes on…show more content…
People question whether the term "treat" is measured or is even a real thing. Her time there has been an accumulative amount of energy that has been devoted to the study of calculating the intelligence of heritability. But even in the end there will always be disagreement of the actual definition of "intelligence". If the idea that jeans do you contribute to the personal characteristic of development, like personality and intelligence, then this brings up the idea that jeans do you determine who we are as people. Then on the other hand there is the idea and argument biological determinism, which is the thesis where genes determine who one is. Where does nature versus nurture fit into this? Well,with the argument of nature versus nurture or is there any room for free will? If one goes with the idea that the genes determine who we are, that are traits are determined by her jeans, the environment, chance, or a combination of any of these, then there is little to no room for the idea of free will and that one has the right to choose what they want to do with one 's life. Is nature versus nurture being exaggerated? The question still

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