Sidney Tanner: A Pioneer

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Brigham Young once commented that when he had a hard job to do he tried to find a Tanner because they were always willing to help. My great-great-great-great Grandpa is Sidney Tanner. He was born on April 1,1809 in Greenwich, New York. His parents are John and Lydia Tanner. He had fifteen brothers and seven sisters. He married Louisa Conley on March 1, 1830. Sidney and his family got baptized in 1832 after the missionaries came to his dad. Sidney Tanner and his family were asked by Joseph Smith to head out West. They went to Kirtland,Ohio. Sidney and his dad gave $2,000 for the temple. They loaned $13,000 more. Sidney was one of the first of his family to move to Missouri. He left his family and worked 40 miles away for 2 ½ months for $10 per month. People started to threaten them so they had to move. On October 25, 1838, Sidney and his brother Nathan were in Battle. In Nathan’s journal he wrote about the battle. “Sidney Tanner, Jacob Gates, George Grant, and myself rode side by side with Captain Fear-Not, till his horse failed and he gave us the word.” The battle wa...
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