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The college of the Lady Frances Sidney Sussex. Founded 1596 by Lady Frances Sidney, Countess of Sussex. Sister College – St John’s College Oxford. Men and Women –Undergraduates 355 Postgraduates 240. Sidney Sussex College, often shortened to just ‘Sidney’, is in the heart of Cambridge, a little to the north of the market square. Its closest neighbours are Christ’s College to the south and more important to the students, Sainsbury’s supermarket just across the road to the west. Running out of essential provisions is not a problem to Sidney students; indeed the college is often referred to as ‘Sidney Sainsbury’s’. The formally famous Grays sports shop (now Hobbs) is nearby and could explain why sport is so enthusiastically embraced at Sydney. The enjoyment of participation is elevated above performance, although there have been a few spectacular successes (Women’s football and darts). Academic study on the other hand is taken very seriously and the students have a reputation for hard work. This relatively small college is home to 240 postgraduates and 355 undergraduates with an even number of men and women. The yearly intake is just over 100 and is five times over subscribed, which is about average for Cambridge. 63% of home students come from the state sector – the college has a stated policy not to discriminate in favour of any particular group. Outstanding students from any background that display academic merit and potential are actively encouraged to apply. The college makes it clear a commitment to excellence is expected. A Countess with a wish to fund a Cambridge college Lady Frances Sidney was Countess of Sussex and it was her wish to found a college at Cambridge on her death, if her estate was big enough to do so – if ... ... middle of paper ... to grow over the surface. However the render has been criticised by many architectural historians for hiding the original and historically important medieval facade. To cope with increasing student numbers, Cloister Court was built in 1890 in a wonderful retro Jacobean style, complete with curly gables and stylish bow windows. The two ranges sit on top of round arch cloisters overlooking a lawn with mature trees. The Mong Building was constructed in 1999 and is in fact a lecture theatre, despite pretending to be a modern version of a classical temple. Light and airy on the outside, but visually heavier on the inside as a result of timber panelling. Sidney has produced spies, murderers, ghosts, film directors, a Premier League football chairman, a Grand National winner and a student who tried to burn the college to the ground, not to mention 5 Nobel Prize winners.

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