Sidney Fine's Sit-down

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512 words

Sidney Fine's Sit-down

Sit-down is a historical non-fiction book. It depicts the events of the
1936-1937 strike at General Motors plants in Flint and around the country.
The author of this book is Sidney Fine. In this report you will learn what I learned about the struggle between Corporations and the beginning of unionization. Sit-down is about the General Motors Sit-down strike of 1936-1937.
This strike was mainly about the right for workers to represent themselves through collective bargaining. The union supporters went through a long, inhumane and bloody fight. hey finally won the fight on February, 11 1937.
On this day General Motors recognized the United Auto Workers as the collective-bargaining agency for their employees.

The 4 main characters involved with the strike are GM President
Alfred Sloan Jr., executive Vice President Willam Knudsen, U.A.W.
President Homer Martin and the Governor of Michigan, Frank Murphy.
Sloan and Knudsen represented the GM stock holders and the interest of management. They did not want collective bargaining because it would take power away from management. Martin represented the working people on
GM assembly lines and all auto workers in the United States of America.
Governor Murphy’s role was to mediate, but he was on General Motors side.
He insisted that the sit-downers get basic human right’s such as food, heat, and water. Murphy also controlled the police and National Guard. They shot and killed several strikers. After it was all over Martin and the United Auto workers emerged victorious.

The strike started in Flint on December 30,1936. The GM factories were described as a mess, because of the lack of sanitation. There was also spare parts and other miscellaneous weapons used against the cops in the
Battle of the Running Bulls laying around in Flint factories everywhere. In fact the conditions in the factories were all out nasty. I would not want to live there for a month and a half. On February 11 1937 GM and the U.A.W. struck a deal at the state capital building in Lansing .

This stories Characteristics are kind of strange because it does not go in chronological order. It starts out with The Battle of the Running
Bulls. Which is actually at the end of the strike. Then it goes on to describe different aspects of the strike. Such as the corporation, the workers,
Strategy’s and Tactics of GM and the U.A.W. Next the book talks about the settlement and the aftermath. In general the beginning and the end of the book

In this essay, the author

  • Of this book is sidney fine. in this report, you will learn what he wrote.
  • Narrates how the bulls are at the end of the strike. then it goes on to describe the bulls.
  • Analyzes how the middle of the book was filled with way too much information.
  • Opines that they would not want to live in the factories for a month and half. on february 11 1937 gm and the u.a.w
  • Explains that if you are morally right and stand up for what you believe in, it doesn't matter what the odds are against you.
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