Siding Essay

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Siding comes in thousands of different colors, sizes and textures. These materials come from all over the world and are used all over the world. One of the most common types of siding in the United States is basic vinyl siding. Siding is available in different grades like any product. You can buy name brand or a run-off that all differ greatly in quality. There is a specific way to lie siding to make it both look good and last in all types of weather. Some commons types of siding, with their prices per square foot include: Horizontal Lap Siding ($3-$7), Board and Batter ($3-$7), Shingles ($5-$8), Wood Strip Siding (depends on wood, rather expensive), Fiber Cement Panels ($7-$10), Stucco ($9-$12), Brick ($17-$20), Stone ($35-$50) and Metal (the most expensive $50+). All of these siding are very different in where they would be used and why. Siding is like picking out your clothes. It is just as much about the style (color/texture) as it is the location. When picking siding make sure that it can withhold the temperatures that you atmosphere has. When you hear the word “siding” most...
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