Sickle Cell Patient Treatment

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Sickle Cell Anemia has proven to be one of the most widespread genetic diseases in America, affecting 100,000 or more individuals according to the NHBLI (2008). Each person affected by sickle cell anemia must seek out expert advice and care for combating the disease, but as of late, care has been lacking in the medical field for these patients. Therefore providing optimal care and effective treatments for patients with sickle cell anemia will involve more research and funding in the future. Studies have shown that treatment for sickle cell patients is lacking and drugs are scarce and sparse, which has left this population medically neglected. The need to focus more research and allocate more funding toward sickle cell research is evident in understanding what patients require when receiving treatment, their needs when being hospitalized, and the importance of caring for younger patients in the home setting. A large problem with the care provided to sickle cell patients stems from the lack of medicines and treatments that are available to patients. Sickle cell patients become subject to painful attacks called Sickle Cell Crisis that can render them immobile for prolonged periods. A crisis involves a buildup of blood cells in the blood stream (NHBLI 2008). This blockage makes it virtually impossible for blood flow to reach other parts of the body. In efforts to limit the amount and intensity of such attacks, research and development for the drug Hydroxyurea has increased over the past decade. The drug helps to combat the amount of crisis an adult, and soon children, will have in a given year (Platt 2008). Medical drug trials experiments associated with Hydroxyurea have proven more effective in reducing morbidity and crisis. In a ... ... middle of paper ... ...ic One File [Internet]. [cited 2011 Jan 22]. Available from: Firth Paul. 2010. A survey of perioperative management of sickle cell disease in North America. Pediatric Anesthesia [Internet]. [cited 2011 Jan 28]; 21 (1):43-49 Modi Avani C et al. 2009. Barriers to treatment adherence for pediatric patients with sickle cell disease and their families. Children Health Care [Internet]. [cited 2011 Jan 29]; 38 (2): 107-122 [NHBLI]National Heart Blood and Lung Institute. 2011. What is sickle cell anemia? [Internet]. [cited 2011 Jan 22] Available from: Platt OS. 2008. Hydroxyurea for the treatment of sickle cell anemia. New Engl J Med [Internet]. [cited 2011 Jan 22]; 358(13):1362-9. Available from:
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