Sickle Cell Disease And Its Effects

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In the growing world today, there are numerous amounts of people that are affected by a variety of different blood disorders and diseases. Some of these ailments can be quickly and easily cured with the right treatment for the right person. However, in other not so lucky cases, ailments pertaining to blood simply cannot be cured and instead can only be relieved in specific situations by vaccinations, antibiotics, or blood transfusions. One ailment that affects many different types of people in the world today is called sickle cell disease. Because of the severity of the negative effects that sickle cell anemia inflicts on people and because of the specificity of treatments for those inflicted by this disease, more people of all races, backgrounds, and blood types should dedicate themselves to finding the time to donate their blood at a blood center close to them. Sickle cell disease affects around 100,000 people in the United States today. The disease is a hereditary ailment caused by two inherited sickle cell traits from the parents. Sickle cell disease can be inherited by the off...

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