Many children who do not have siblings believes it is more fun having a little brother or sister, they murmuring about how much they want a brother or a sister and how great it is, but I’m not sure they know how much stuff they have to put up with. And for those of us that have brothers or sisters wishing that we were the only kid our mom had because we know the experience, how much time and work it requires, and how annoying our brothers or sisters are, especially when they misplaced our stuffs then lie to us saying they didn’t have anything to do with our stuff. Those children who doesn’t have a little brother or sister think that it is less stress, more adventurous, and they also think that everything will come easy to them, but only if they knew the effects of having siblings. First, some of the positive effect of having little brothers or sisters is the fun we have. I have four bothers and four sisters and total my mom and dad have nine kids. I’m happen to be the middle kid number five. When im not busy, on my free time I try to spend as much quality time together w...
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