Sibling Relationships Essay

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Introduction Throughout an individual’s lifespan, sibling relationships are some of the closet and most intimate relationship (Buhrmester & Furman, 1990). Moreover, they are the longest lasting and non-voluntary relationships. In sibling relationship, there are emotionally ambivalent, conflicts in some cases as well as warm in others; and it can be frequently mixed (Brody, 2004). Nonetheless, sibling relationship may act as a ‘training ground’ for both siblings (Stauffacher & DeHart, 2006). Hence, children may imitate and learn some maladjustment behavior from siblings.
In a family, parents are most likely will treat their children differently in accordance with children’s sex and birth order (Roskam & Meunier, 2009). However, children might perceive and evoke negative perceptions of parental differential treatment. Siblings are always competing for parental investment,
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During the period of middle childhood, individual experience significant growth and changes in cognitive, social, and linguistic skills. Therefore, the relational aggression become more covert, less confrontational with the target and more often use the interactions with others to meet the objective of relational aggression (Crick et al., 2001). In addition, children spent more time with their siblings. They share a wider range of contexts and experiences as well as higher levels of intimacy (DeHart, 1999). The relationship qualities provided them a wider range of information that can later be used as ammunition to hurt each other (O’Brien, 1999). Moreover, they are competing for attention from caregivers, such as: parents or elderly. Therefore, this research focused on the relational aggression of elementary school students with their
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