Siberian Tiger Project

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Do you ever wonder about how many endangered species are in the world? Have you ever tried to make a difference ,for the world? The species I have chosen are the Siberian Tiger Club. The Siberian Tiger level are very endangered especially in the Sikhote-Alin-Biosphere Reserve of Russia. As you read my paper I hope you can learn more about Siberian Tiger Club and also about how the WCS made a difference in the environment the Siberian Tigers’ are living in.

The name of the Conservation Program is Siberian Tiger Project which is ,for the Siberian Tiger Club. The Siberian Tiger Program is located at the Russian Far East ,but the largest protected range is in the area of Sikhote-Alin-Biosphere Reserve. WCS are the scientist of the program which the Russian had position. In 1992 the scientist began to help the Sikhote- Alin Biosphere Reserve. They also began their studies ,for the Siberian Tigers’ Program under the Siberian Tiger Club. The mission for their program is to have a lot of information gathered ,so that can get the best scientific information on the conservation. The WCS had made the program very successful for the problem of the endangered species’. Which provide new environment so that the tigers’ can live in a better world. In 2008 WCS began to promise Russian graduate students’ a training ground at the Sikhote- Alin-Biosphere Reserve. Many students at the Sikhote-Alin-Biosphere Reserve also participated to help out.

The common name for the species I’m doing is the Siberian Tiger Club. A Siberian Tiger have many different classifications’. Here is a list of the classification for the Siberian Tiger :
Kingdom: Animalia ("The Siberian Tiger." )

Phylum: Chordata ("The Siberian Tiger." )

Class: Mammalia ("The S...

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...informing on making sure that a lot of people who want to help will get involved with my program. A lot of the time it doesn’t take a whole community to make a difference. One person who has a mind to work can help make a difference then someone who doesn’t want to work at all. Most of the time anyway if someone see you trying to make a difference they will follow you. The government can make a difference to by promoting the program even though they are busy it doesn’t take a whole hour to make a difference it can take one minute to change the world forever. We can changed the world by recycling, and by doing other things. I would say the main reason on how to make a world a big difference is by working together. You don’t need a lot of people to make a differences it can only be a group of 5 people and they can make a more difference than 100 people can.
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