Shyness: An Persuasive Essay: Overcoming Challenges

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Overcoming challenges is a difficult thing to do. I 've always been a shy person even when I was a little girl; and it seems that as I 'm getting older, it 's getting worse. For me, my shyness is a challenge I have to overcome; it takes a lot of preparation to even think about overcoming a task physically, let alone emotionally. Determination is a big role in helping me overcome my challenges, this lets others know how much I want to succeed; and what I 'm willing to do to set my goals. Faith also helps to tell me that I can do whatever I set my mind to. All of these things helped me in my time of need – when things weren 't going as planned. I 'm going to talk to you about a big part of my life that my shyness greatly affected. First, I would…show more content…
As I walked through the halls, people knew; and people glared at me with curiosity glowing through their eyes - piercing me like shards of broken glass. I never knew it was so intriguing seeing, or even knowing someone who had been through a major surgery; but I guess it would be fun to know those things from another person 's perspective, one who has never had the audacity to learn what it 's like to go through those things, let alone to know how it feels to go through it themselves. Even my own friends, were curious. And I will be honest, it 's not a nice thing to be asked every hour of every day where you went or what happened; when you were still crying and traumatized about what had happened. It 's definitely not nice to learn after a while that everyone was talking behind my back and slowly making fun of me as the days went by. The names they called became much more clearer as I noticed the people who I thought were my friends, betray…show more content…
He told me about Penn Foster and Fresh Start. At first I was very scared to be completely honest I even cried, I did not want to go back to public school. The next day my dad told me we were going to check it out. It wasn 't as bad as I 'd expected. The people there were very kind and treated me with respect. So I gave it a shot and went with it! A month later I started attending the school and I eventually started to enjoy it. The principal was the first one to look right through me, and understand my feelings. He is very nice and kindhearted. When I was scared and I cried, he looked me straight in the eyes and said “It will be okay.” That 's when I knew I could do this! Even though I’m still shy and anti-social I can go to school and finally feel comfortable with my surroundings and the people I 'm in class with. No one says a word and they 're all friendly nice people – probably because they don 't

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