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Have you ever wondered if the characteristics in a famous character was revealed publicly? People with courageous minds are shown publicly in many ways; in newspapers, books, and movies.
Courage is even shown in times long ago to more modern times. During the first century BCE, when Spartacus lived. Spartacus was taken as a prisoner and sold as a gladiator. Spartacus broke out of captivity and lead a rebellion containing many other prisoners. This brave warrior, obviously had to work up some courage to rebel against an entire empire who held him captive in prison.
When traveling forward into the timeline to when Marcus Junius Brutus lived you see an event that involves murder. Brutus decided that the fate of the empire he lives in should not be left in, what he thought to be, the “dreadful” hands of King Julius Caesar. Although, Caesar wasn’t always a bad person in Brutus’ eyes, Caesar, at one point, was like a father to him. But their relationship drifted far apart and things changed between Brutus and Caesar. Brutus had to work up some courage and kill Caesar. Brutus’ actions were not accepted by all of the people. but there was no turning back for him when he finished his mission. Going on to a later time, the year 1955, to when another rebellious act was done. Rosa Parks, she had tough days, when blacks had less authority than the whites. Getting to the action, Rosa Parks denied the orders of the bus driver to move to the back of the bus, causing the driver to retrieve a police officer. Rosa Parks’ courage was shown when she didn’t move from where she was, she stood her ground. Before Rosa Parks trial, a large group of people created a boycott, or protest, for Rosa, threatening that if Rosa didn’t return safely that there ...

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...hown in many ways. Ranging from our real-life history to fictional films produced for education or entertainment purposes.

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