Should we switch to cloud computing?

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Computer is a device that can be programmed to do some task desired by the programmer. Computer can do several tasks by doing some sets of arithmetic and logical operations. With those capabilities, computer can help human to solve many problems in their life. Nowadays, human life can not be separated from the role of computer. Almost of all human’s activities involving computers. From getting up in the morning until going to the bed in the night, human always keep in touch with computer. All the technology today is based on computer system. From the little thing such as watch until the big thing such as skyscapers, even NASA spaceships use computer system to run. Many computers today still use the ‘traditional’ form. The traditional form of computer means the computing resources, like hardware or software is reside on client side. It means you have to serve hardware like CPU,RAM, or hardisk and software such as operating system (windows, Mac os, or Linux) to run a computer. This traditional form computer still can we see in many places such as people’s house, schools, public spaces, or companies. This time, there is a newer computing system called cloud computing. Like its name, this cloud computing use the computing resources on the ‘cloud’. This cloud means the computing resources (hardware or software) is placed far away from the client side. This computing resource is connected with client/user over a network such as internet. The cloud computing offers several number of benefits than the traditional computing such as its cost efficiency, environmentally friendly, data back up and recovery, and the ease of access. The biggest advantages of cloud computing is the cost efficiency. The cloud computing probably is the most ef... ... middle of paper ... ...3% of companies that lost their data center for 10 days or more due to a disaster filed for bankruptcy within one year of the disaster. 50% of businesses that found themselves without data management for this same time period filed for bankruptcy immediately. Those facts tell us about the immportant of data managing in computating activities.Users or clients need to backup their data continously to avoid things that can cause them to lose data. Those such anxiety can be eliminated with the uses of cloud computing services. The data on the cloud services is backed up periodically on several server at many place. The cloud services provider do this to keep the user’s data safe. If something bad happen to user’s computer (at client side) such as stolen or crash, the user do not need to worry about her/his data because all of the data has been stored in cloud safely.

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