Should the Minimum Wage be Raised?

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There has been many reasons and issues as to raised the minimum wage that it should be raised. The minimum wage should be raised because increasing the wage, jobs will have better services for those employs cause it helps everyone pay debts, and although some workers may be laid off the taxes would be raising higher and people would have less government help.

Federal minimum wage that increase does better for the employment because it will provide better equipments for many employes that are working in the job, not only that but it also gives each employ the best support such as the security help in case if any accidents may happen within the job. which brings the people that are working have a better services that employees need help on either them that have families. As said on the book, How Can The Poor Be Helped (pg. 52) by Thomas Gale, it quote, “ best living wage laws bring about modest benefits at a higher cost to businesses and taxpayers..”so in other words the better the wage the better it helps workers in there needs.

Today minimum wage is a very economic problem to this world wide as some people would rather pay a bit extra more because of the way or how much the people may work at the employment, though some want to be equally fair others think otherwise. It actually determined to the economy as a whole so we are talking lots of money to one single person to all working stations. The wage of the federal money is actually $9.80 per hour so no more high limits so said in the webset; (Pg.3). Minimum wage has money problems and as it goes from laying off workers, high incomes, better services, to high prices and less government help it boost the earning of working families hardest and hitting...

... middle of paper ... pay in low age will help restore the consumer spending that provers our economy and not to mention that local businesse need in order to grow. A robust minimum wage is a key building of sustainable economic recovery. As it states in Mike states, ”because of the additional labor cost to businesses, raising the minimum wage can fact lead to companies simply to avoid giving raise” (pg.2) in other words, the people need and are working harder than most should get the raised that they need for thier family. However it has been strongly pushed to $10.. per hour and making it a priority during the second term.

Although minimum wage should be raised it could be a tough with the economy because of the high prices and very low government help but other than that it should be or those who put the efforts into the work that each person is in.
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