Should the Government Tell us What to do

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A glimpse of light danced onto the counter as the door creaked open. An older man – with that sad look in his eyes that said he had lost everything – slowly began to move one foot after the other across what once were glossy white tiles, now stained pale-brown ones. Once he reached the edge of the counter he did a full circle. Just imagining the way this small shop had once been filled with happy, donut-munching adults and children of all ages was enough to make him sick. “They did this,” he said to the last of them all – the last powdered-top doughnut in the shop, possibly the whole town. “It’s all because of them. Well buddy, I guess this is goodbye.” And with that, he shuffled behind the counter, untangling the key out of his tattered jean pocket. Sliding the glass window over, he gingerly reached out and picked up the sacred circle. It was beautiful, he had to admit that, but unfortunately, this little guy’s time had come. With the walk of unsatisfied shame, he flicked his foot on the lever, opening the trashcan, and released. A small ripple of sound echoed, so insignificant that the man with graying hair had just barely heard it; along with a plop, he heard what sounded like a faint whine of sorrow.
Who knows – this might be our future sometime soon. In fall 2011, Congress had passed changes to school nutrition law with “provisions to give USDA the power to set standards for food sold to students.” Now, Obamacare is requiring that “restaurants and similar retail food establishments” make the nutritional information viewable on their menu – which is not necessarily a bad thing. Why is the government making all these changes? Two-thirds of the American population is obese or overweight while 97% of Americans struggle to eat he...

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... obesity is you!

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