Should the Death Penalty be Abolished?

Should the death penalty be abolished? The death penalty does one thing it “kills.” It temporarily takes away the pain for someone’s loss, but in the end it does not bring back the person you loved. The death penalty has been considered to be one of the most cruel and unusual punishments for sentencing criminals. I do not believe the death penalty should exist, even when the most heinous crimes have been committed. The death penalty will always be a debatable topic because no one should have the right to decide who should live or who should die. I find it strange we live in a society where we value life, but at the same time we have no problem taking a life. Part I: Thesis From a Christian standpoint it is our moral duty to follow the commandment "thou shall not kill," set by God, thus known as the divine command theory (Moore and Parker, 2006). It has been proven the death penalty discriminates against the poor, on the basis of race and social class, and it is being used as a form of sentencing to prevent fewer crimes. The end result is the death penalty does not always work. There are chances that lack of proper investigations can cause innocent people to be unfairly prosecuted and executed through the death penalty process. The death penalty has become more focused on revenge, and cost effective measures, even though it can take years before an execution is carried out. In the public opinion most people favor life without parole as the alternate to the death penalty. In my opinion, every individual deserves a second chance in life, and should be allowed the opportunity to reform and become a productive member in society, so the death penalty should be abolished based on the evidence that the criminal justic... ... middle of paper ... ...une 12, 2010, from The Death Penalty In 2009: Year End report (2009, December). Retrieved June 12, 2010, from Mauer, M., & King, R. S. (2004, January). Schools and Prinsons: Fifty years after Brown v. Board of Education. Retrieved June 12, 2010, from Kansal, T. (2005). Racial Disparity in Sentencing: A review of the literature. In M. Mauer (Ed.). Washington: The Sentencing Project. Retrieved June 12, 2010, from Bell, D. (2004, October 31). Black on black violence. Retrieved on June 12, 2010, from Pojman, L. (1999) Merit, Journal of Social Philosophy, 30(1), 83-102.

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