Should prostitution be legalized

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If selling something or providing services to others in return for money is legal, then why do not legalize prostitution? “Prostitution is commonly defined as the custom of having sexual relations in exchange for economic gain. Although the sex is traditionally traded for money, it can also be bartered for jewelry, clothing, vehicles, housing, and food — anything that has market value. Prostitution is the provision of sexual services for negotiated payment between consenting adults. Although prostitution is a service industry like any other in which people exchange skills for money or other reward, it is typically regarded as a deviant way to make a living and is illegal in many countries. Even so, prostitution still exists through out the world. Since no law has ever succeeded in banning prostitution, why don’t government make good use of prostitution by legalizing it? It is undeniable that legalizing prostitution can help to solve national and social problems in several ways. By legalizing prostitution, employment crisis can be solved in some extend. Government can increase the national income by taking taxes from prostitution if it is legalized. People can get more economic income by doing prostitution related jobs. Moreover, it enables government to better control and protect prostitution using laws. Besides, when prostitution is legalized, people can get one more option to release pressure and satisfy needs. Therefore, considering the improvement of countries, societies and human, prostitution ought to be legalized to help promote prosperity around the world.

Firstly, making prostitution legal provide government means to control and manage prostitutes for the health of both buyers and sellers. Legalizing prostitution provide...

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...egulated and controlled. Legal brothels apparently transmit much fewer sexually transmitted diseases than does illegal prostitution. Thus, legalization will ensure the health of both the prostitute and her customer.

There is so much that legalizing prostitution can do for society in general. Considering the improvement of economy, society and public security, prostitution definitely should be legalized. By making prostitution legal, governments are provided one more methods of controlling, managing and protecting prostitution. If it's legalized, sex workers can go to clinics and hospitals for health assistance. Moreover, legalized prostitutes can be protected from sexual violence. It can help lower human trafficking, the rate of rapes. Also, the government could tax prostitution and save money. Governments will be able to spend their time doing more useful things.
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