Should it hurt to be a child?

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Molly is an 8 year old girl that I haven’t known for so long, but since the first day that I met her, I noticed some kind of sadness in her big beautiful eyes. That kind of gloom would catch the attention of anyone, because it is very rare to see an unhappy children. Molly lives with her mother and her stepfather, since the death of her biological father. Molly’s step father, as the most cases of step parents, happens to be very evil. He tries all the manners to make Molly leave the house and go somewhere else to live. When Molly’s mother is not at home, he forces her to wash the floor, to cook him different types of dishes, do the laundry and in cases that Molly doesn’t obey or simply doesn’t know how to do something, he beats her. I do notice that many people would grunt “Poor Molly”, but this doesn’t really help her. There are countries around the world that face with the ugly phenomenon of child abuse. Albania is one of them. This kind of phenomenon hasn’t been discovered recently, but it is a silent wound that has deteriorated among our society from the lack of justice, or the l...

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