Should development aid be understood as foreign policy tool?

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When people talk about foreign policy they think bout governments, presidents, prime ministers, diplomats and all kind of ministries and how they interact with each other. In general, foreign policy is seen as formal collaboration where all kind of agreements and negotiations play an important role. Nowadays, help, such as developments aid, from other countries and NGOs is normal and expected thing in case of disaster. Developing aid can unite two or more countries closer and can be used as foreign policy tool. Development aid can strengthen partnership between countries and it can help to open new opportunities for countries so they can reach other countries. These things can be helpful and useful for foreign policy.
Using development aid regardless of whatever it is economical problem or social problem and how big size the problem is, the development aid can help to achieve political goals for the donor country, so it can be used as foreign tool to achieve better relations with other country and to achieve the goal that is important to develop common country’s foreign policy. One of the countries which successfully use development aid as part of foreign policy is USA. Whenever USA is helping using development aid to help with economic or other kind of problems, USA is achieving its foreign goals.
The development aid can be used as element to influence other countries to occupy a certain position what is very gainfully for other countries foreign policy. The money which is used as the development aid flows from creditor, for example, the World Bank or the International Monetary Fund, to country which needs it. But meanwhile when development aid hasn’t reached the final goal, the world’s powerful countries can interrupt the deve...

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... establish good partnership, it is necessary to create good partnership not only with the leaders but also with society.
To sum up, the development aid can be understood as foreign policy tool, because it can be used differently- as peace-loving element, or as manipulating and influential element, it depends on situation and how strongly powerful state wants to gain its goal and how strongly the weak state resists. The development aid can be used to strengthen the partnership between former colonizer and former colony, because they can strengthen the former colonizer positions in the former colony, leaving good impression on government and society. If powerful country or even weaker country uses development aid wisely it can receive good achievements and foreign policy can be developed advisedly thanks to development aid as one of the main foreign policy’s tools.
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