Should Women Be Treated Equal?

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Women and men both have equal rights but women are not force to join the military at the age of eighteen. Men should grab a seat because women in this generation are no longer housewives or stay at home moms. Women say they are ready for some action to! As time has passed women have become equivalent to men not just by joining the military but in other work filled as well. Women can get the job done just like a man sometimes better than a man. With that been said women should be treated equal in the military. Selective Service Act which excludes women from having to sign up for draft, this Act gives the president power to select people for war. If a man don’t sign up for Selective Service he would not be able to get a job, he could be fine, or even given prison time. They feel that a women is not physically or emotionally handle that kind of job. In Donnelly article as a women I have to disagree with man or anyone else that feel women can’t handle the military emotionally or handle the job. Speaking for all women that have had kid if we can deal with having a child and men. That’s the problem military quick to under estimate what a women can do. During the recent war we had women and children had weapons. Women of the USA should be on the direct ground of combat. Look at it this way there is always an upside and a down side to every decision we make. Yes put that women out on the battle ground! She knew what kind of job it was when she signed up. “Women lose more duty time due to medical issues including pregnancy” I have to say that just like a man try to find every little loop hole there is so what if a women get pregnancy it’s a part of life . Just because a women is in the military, doesn’t mean her life stop (Donnelly). I... ... middle of paper ... and stay focuses on the job. Man has it made he can bath out in them wood or where every that be in the field at but a women on the other had can do all dose things. Women that join the Military must really have a passion for the military. I disagree with women that want other women to have to sign up war. A women sign up for war should be something they choice to do. I have to give to those women that choice to go to war, they have what it take. A women that was at war was doing a night portal and some kind of was flames had hit a fuel tank and it look the hatch trapping some soldiers. This women left two people that had on a large amount of gear on she pull them out of a burning vehicle. That was a very outstanding job she did being able to carry them man plus the gear she had on. That goes to show for those that say women don’t have what it take (Schwartz).
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