Should Whaling Be Banned Essay

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Japan’s has been hunting whales illicitly for many years. They get away with this because very few countries are willing to stand up to them. Also the methods japan use to kill the whales are inhumane. The environmental impact is another reason that the whaling should be banned. Finally the law needs to be changed to better protect the whales and dolphins. To conclude Japan’s whaling should be abolished before it bring harm to our earth.
Japan has a very cruel method to kill the whales. Whaling has been illegal since 1986 but japan gets around the law by saying that are killing for research. According to research the catch limit is five times over a safe limit an example (kurtenbach). So clearly they are not researching. An example is “Japans whaling serves no purpose, it is not necessary to harpoon whales to count them”. (Whaling grisly reality). They stab the dolphins in there spins and let them slowly drown, and with whales they harpoon them. Also the whales don’t die for many hours so they have to suffer. In addition scientists say that the meat from the whales is very harmful because they contain large amounts of mercury that sometimes exceed a safe limit for humans to consume. So clearly the Japanese have very little sympathy for the lives they are destroying just to get a delicacy. Only 10 percent of the meat is harvested the rest is thrown away.
The whaling also has a large effect on the ocean ecosystem. As many of the whale populations dwindle the fish and other prey populations would explode causing a collapse in the oceans food chain. Eventually this would affect humans and the earth this is clearly stated when kurtenbach says “japans hunting of whales and dolphins threaten them with extinction.” In addition ...

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... So japans whaling program needs to be stopped before there is more damage done to the population. In addition the population of dolphins living near japan are expected to reach 500 in number by 2017 if keeps up its pace at there whaling
To conclude if the whaling program in Japan is stopped then there will be an increase in the populations of the whales that are hunted to near extinction. Also if the lawsuit is passed then it would require them to stop the whaling. Many activists say they will keep fighting for the whale’s freedom. In addition the whaling harmful impacts will later harm the earth seriously; if nothing is done by the world governments. Also if a better law placed on japan if they whaled it would stop them from the illegal whaling. Many say that the whaling will resulting the deteriation of the ocean ecosystem. (Greenpeace international)