Should We Use Capital Punishment?

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Should We Use Capital Punishment?

Capital punishment is an extremely controversial issue on which some

people have strong views. Capital Punishment is when a criminal is

punished for committing crimes, such as murder, by being put to death.

One reason for many people being against Capital Punishment is that

inhumane methods are used to kill criminals. In the past, methods

such as stoning, gassing, hanging, electrocuting and shooting have all

been used to kill. Although I agree that these methods are inhumane I

am still for Capital Punishment because I believe two things.

Firstly, these criminals who are being put to death have committed

evil crimes, such as murder or rape. When they committed these crimes

they probably did not treat their victims humanely, by killing them or

hurting them in a nice way so why should they be given a pain-free

death? Should it not be the evil people of our planet who are the

ones left to suffer in pain? If these murders are given pain-free

deaths it seems to me that it is the innocent who are suffering and

the criminals who are being protected. I believe that a simple lethal

injection could be given to the criminal to allow them to die

humanely. In 2002, of the 71 executions carried out, 70 of them used

the lethal injection with only one being carried out using

electrocution. All through their lives people are given injections

for various reasons and therefore the lethal injection, administered

by a professional, is a perfectly familiar and humane method that

could be used. An argument that people against Capital Punishment use

it that medical staff, such as doctors and nurses, are not a...

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...lled than there were black people.

Despite this, an argument against Capital Punishment is that certain

people are discriminated against, including certain races of people.

John ‘Jackie’ Elliot claimed for years that he was innocent but he

could not afford the DNA tests that would prove his innocence. I

think that if everybody were given fair trials and everybody got DNA

tests they thought were required then there are no reasons to disagree

with Capital Punishment.

Following a five-year trial in 1970 Capital Punishment was abolished

in the UK but I think that using Capital Punishment to kill criminals

in the UK is a good idea. This is because it would help lower our

crime rates and it would also allow innocent people to feel more

protected by the law and not afraid to walk the streets alone after


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