Should We Take Children's Friendships Seriously By Mary Heally Analysis

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This essay will be exploring the definition of what friendship is, what schools should do about it and what Mary Healy the author of ‘Should we take children’s friendships seriously?’ interpretation of this topic as I will be referencing some of her work and others in this essay. What is friendship? Friendship is known to be a relationship of mutual affection between people. Human interaction is crucial and is needed for survival, however developed friendships are essential and is linked to the success and wellbeing of any individual. There are different definitions and notions of the meaning of friendship and is all to do with what the individual themselves conceive it to be. There are different types and levels to friendships, for example acquaintances which is the basic and majority of the time is how friendships are formed and then may become deeper friendships. In terms of a child’s life they can meet an acquaintance at school.…show more content…
Friendship can be understood as both an emotional attachment to one another and the status of that relationship. Being someone’s friend requires a prosperity for wishing them well, for wanting to spend time with them and for wanting to help them in time of need. Most literature on the psychology of friendship suggests several different reasons for friendship choices such as it being a form of reciprocal liking, similarity (having things in common), physical attraction or strategic friendship if that person can do or has something that you want. Friendship holds the possibility of great importance for development especially in a

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