Should We Risk Individualism?

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Are we as a society agreeing with putting are individualism at risk for social stability? Aldous Huxley in Brave New World where the idea about personality is set away for world peace, Is this the right thing to do. We have already became intuned with allowing are personal live almost become non existent with social media taking over our personal lives. Mustapha Mond a world Leader believes in sacrificing real feelings and emotional attachments for stability. This means no families, no love, and no real individuals. But, at least there are no wars and everyone is happy, will simulated happiness. The New World’s motto is “Community, Identity, and Stability” (1) which is ironic, due to the fact that there is no community with no relationships, no identity sense everyone is government controlled, even though the New World is very Stable that seems to be broken down when one does not take soma. Is Mustapha Mond concepts acceptable to protect the public?
I disagree with Monds ideas of risking the individuals for the sake of public, but I do believe that it is an theory we are becoming to practice more and more in modern society. Aldous Huxley wicked vision of the future in which perfectly accordant with our society makes it a perfect example of Brave New World. While responding to John the savage, Mustapha Mond claims “You've got to choose between happiness and what people used to call high art. We've sacrificed the high art.” (226) the high art consider in this statement is referring to the old civilization before ford of humanity being one with no wars, with no soma. This was consider art due to the rarity of a civilization having the ability to have peace. Although, Even in todays Society I see glimpses of The New World, we have se...

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...t is until someone stops taking soma. The slogan counterexamples itself so well that you would realizes that Huxley ideas are to prevent his ideas of spreading, almost as raising awareness of the tragedy he believes society will come to.
So are we as a society agreeing with putting are individualism at risk for social stability? I believe that we are allowing it more and more, but I disagree with having stability take away from are individualism. If there is no real attachment you can consider me out, love is a much better emotion then everyone thinking they are happy. We will never have a perfect society that loves all, but that balances us out and is needed in away. Huxley wanted to scare his readers of this evil world which is so over joyed its miserable, to allow them to make better choices for themselves, and say no to the government every now and then.
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