Should We Have Stricter Gun Laws?

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About 33,000 Americans were victims of gun-related deaths in 2011("11 Facts about Guns"). In fact, an average of 268 people is shot every day in America. That's 97,820 per year! Although a countless number of people believe that there should most definitely be stricter gun laws, many others beg to differ. Others have confidence in believing that guns don't kill people, people kill people so there is no threat in guns. People have already established the fact that guns are unsafe. Consequently, guns should be outlawed for the safety of American citizens. Gun laws should be more lenient on people who are required to use or carry guns. President Obama has been coming up with very comprehensive plans to prevent gun violence in the U.S. This paper will inform you about the very controversial topic of guns and whether or not we should have stricter gun laws.
Gun laws should have harsher punishment for violators. I say this because, gun bans are already existent and don't work. People disregard these laws as if it doesn’t apply to them. “State law provides that, upon completion of specified requirements, a law-abiding person shall be granted a permit to carry a concealed firearm,” according to the Institute for Legislative Action. ("State Laws at a Glance"). However, most of the time that a crime is committed the gun is in the hands of a person who is not qualified or authorized to have it.
Essentially, every gun starts out as a legally manufactured product. However, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) points to three common ways guns move from legal distribution channels to the criminal market. In 2005, the ATF examined 3,083 gun dealers and found 12,274 “missing” firearms. (Hemenway)
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...g here. Other states are going to see a growth," he said. (Andrieski) Hunters are concerned about if the law will have a massive or minor effect on them. As we all know, hunters use very powerful guns. They also use guns with an abundance of ammunition. Should they be allowed to have these very dangerous weapons? The hunters have individual laws that apply to them.
So should we have harsher gun laws? The laws we have now are most often disregarded and overlooked. People don’t respect the gun laws we already have in affect. The laws should be stricter because countless tragic massacres and murders are happening. Guns are meant to be in the possession of people with a license that took test to have them. However, many guns are being sold and exchanged illegally. That’s how we get guns in our community and people in gangs and drug dealers get them into their hands.
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