Should We Banned Pop And Fast Food From Schools?

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A developing problem in Canada is the health of the nation. This could be for a lot of reasons, but a main contributor is fast food and sugary beverages. In recent events the government has asked the question ‘should we banned pop and fast food from schools?’ Admitting, this ideology makes sense to target the youth, but does this really promote an overall healthier life style for students? To answer this it will promote a heathier life style and take a great deal of sugar and unwanted calories out of young kid’s diets. However, it does not teach them anything about a healthy life style and it takes away their basic human right of freedom. Although, completely banning them does not teach Canadian students a healthy life style. Restricting the access to them and providing education about health and nutrition would greater help the health dilemma. The first side of this controversial issue is that the unhealthy fast food and drinks should be banned from the schools. A new paper article from the LA times reads “a recent study in the American journal of clinical nutrition found that sodas, sports drinks, energy drinks, fruit drinks and other sugary drinks accounted for nearly half of added sugars in U.S. diets.” (2014, Lazarus) This really sets in stone how detrimental these drinks are to student’s health and wellbeing. Sugar truly has distressing effects on the human body, not only does it cause “obesity but also type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, hypertension and other costly ailments.” (2014, Lazarus) Banning these drinks and food will advocate for a healthier life style by keeping them away from the poison, it will also make a healthier future and Canada. Although banning fast food and sugary drinks is a particula... ... middle of paper ... is because they don’t know how to do it. Canadians don’t grow up on home cooked meals and have every fast food imagined shoved in their face by advertising. If they had the knowledge to make their own healthy decision and knew the consequences is they didn’t, I think they would start to choose for themselves to be healthier. In conclusion, banning unhealthy food and drinks won’t solve the problem for the long term rather more the short term, but restricting access to them, making healthier choice cheaper and easy to get, and educating Canadian students about a healthy lifestyle would greater help the health dilemma. Canadians are always trying to better the place they live in meaning this would be a good opportunity to make a healthier place for generations to come. A healthy life style is a choice and cannot be forced, as a country Canada is one step closer.

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