Should We Allow Illegal Immigration?

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Yes, we should allow illegal immigration. The most significant problem in blocking illegal immigration is how expensive everything is. From trying to run across the border, $350 (USD) for the migrants, to creating a bill, $46.3 billion for the citizens, it will sink a hole in our, and their, wallets. From watching a Discovery Channel video in class, we were able to learn the many immigrants spend $350 to try and run across the border every day. According to The Washington Post, 356,000 people tried to cross the border last year, and about half of the immigrants had made it. Imagine spending $350, years worth of work, for a 50% chance of getting a better lifestyle and another 50% chance of going back or being killed. You would have to leave your family behind, only worrying them. The journey would also be arduous, having to go for a few miles without water and trying to avoid being seen. They would need to practice keeping quiet, still, and near camouflaged. For this reason (no able to keep quiet), many are caught every day. The officials just throw them back without taking the time to understand how miserable theirs lives are. Like Minuteman, Frank George said, “Until you see what they are going back to, you can’t feel the full impact of everything.” The next reason why we should allow illegal immigration is they will do the ugly jobs that we will back away from. An example of where this situation is shown is how Rigo Gonzales, an illegal immigrant shown in 30 days, works to make houses for a pay that is below minimum wage. Explained by Mr. George, “They will exploit the [profanity] out of them,” showing that they will do the most difficult work. Another way that money plays a role is in the new law proposed in Congress calle... ... middle of paper ... ..., it costs $675 for both the application and the biometric services. This would take about 15 days of work. In addition, the wait for the application to be approved, or denied, can take up to 30 years. Imagine waiting 30 years, making below minimum wage and only able to afford the luxurious food that we can currently eat within minutes. According to the USDA, 10% of all Mexican citizens suffer from malnutrition and waiting for 30 years for food is unbelievable. Overall, illegal migration is hurting innocent people in Mexico. Working below minimum wage is affecting the way they live and eat. Keeping them out of abundant food is a sadistic act and should be changed. To quote former US Representative, Mr. Dennis Kucinich, “I take issue with many people's description of people being ‘Illegal’ Immigrants. There aren't any illegal Human Beings as far as I'm concerned.”

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