Should Voluntary Euthanasia be Legal?

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Euthanasia is derived from a Greek word Euthanotos, which literally means good death. It refers to a practice of intentional ending of a life to relieve the pain and suffering of a person. Voluntary Euthanasia is often the most focused topic for pro-Euthanasia arguers, so I’m going to focus a little more on that. For Euthanasia or assisted suicide to occur, there must be an intention to kill. Support for euthanasia is motivated by compassion, but it is clear that any conceivable good that could come from legalising euthanasia would be far outweighed by its harmful consequences. Those who promote euthanasia or called mercy killing will be biding their time, waiting for the “right” time to bring the issue to the front of people’s minds. The present law does not distinguish between Euthanasia and other forms of murder. The key consideration of Euthanasia is the intention to cause death. Euthanasia is murder. Consent or motive even of compassion, does not change the reality of killing a human being and it should be permanently banned from the Malaysia. Therefore, I totally agreed that voluntary euthanasia should not be legalized or implemented due to some particular reasonable reasons.

Firstly, voluntary euthanasia gives a majority power to medical profession especially doctors. In this situation, it will create a dangerous imbalance in the doctor and patient relationship where the doctor now has the ability to end the life of a patient. If the doctor does not recognize the fear of the patient as well as the patient’s anxiety and depression that underlie the patient’s request for death, the patient may become trapped by their request and die in a state of unrecognized terror. Therefore, many patients who request Euthanasia are scared...

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...e well equipped to speak for life and the dignity of the person when we are faced with this issue in our own personal lives. Pain and suffering is a part of life. Death is an inevitable end. For people with a greater share of suffering and a closer death, we need to provide a support system. Legalizing Euthanasia is like saying-‘We understand why you would want to die. Now you legally can.’ No one decides the worth of anyone’s life and no one can. I firmly believe that euthanasia should not be implemented or legalized. Some believe that euthanasia should be implemented and legalized but you must consider that the knowledge, culture and belief s can be transferred from years to centuries. Furthermore, life preservation is an enormous task by each and everyone. On the other hand, we must respect each other’s belief s and opinions f or the sake of love and peace.

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