Should Violent Video Games Be Banned In The United States

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With video games being one of the most beloved pastimes of the 21st century, the market will continue to grow with each company trying harder and harder to outdo each other. This constant battle leads to better, more advanced and visually appealing games, but at what cost? Are minors being desensitized to violence in real life? Many parents believe that violent video games should be banned from the United States completely, although for obvious reasons, they shouldn’t. Video games, even violent ones, can provide something fun to do with family and friends, as well as generate friendly competition between people. Also, video games are used by professionals and help to improve many skills and someone’s knowledge of technology. As the lust for newer, better technology grows stronger through years and years of competing industry, video games also become more advanced, allowing for better graphics. Although, in many cases, this leads to ‘violence’ in games. Putting a ban on violent video games would not only upset an entire generation of kids but how would it limit the workplace? ...

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