Should There Be a Death Penalty or Not?

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Should there be a death penalty or not? That is Something that society doesn't have a clear answer on. Most people in the world support the death penalty, but others want the death penalty to be removed . There are also some people who support the death penalty, but only in severe cases. What I think about the death penalty, is only certain crimes should be allowed the death penalty. I think people who commit crimes because they wanted to should be punished. People that are for the death penalty, say that the death penalty will make other people who are thinking about committing a murder, or any other crime, not to do the act. I don't believe this because when someone wants' to commit a crime, they aren't thinking about what is going to happen to them afterwards. The person who committed a crime will probably think he will get away with the crime, so that person doesn't think he will get the death penalty.
The death penalty is the most critical warning against all crimes. Criminal's' that do their homework know this. For an example a person could break into a house or store, and will rob the place, but have no intentions of killing anyone. Because they know if they were to kill a couple people, they will possibly end up on death row. But then again does the person who committed the crime, really think about that when they are doing the act? Most people who support the death penalty, are loved ones of someone who they lost due to a crime. Because the person that was killed doesn't have a say anymore, obviously. But the family does, and they usually want the most beneficial punishment to be done to whoever did the crime. If the criminal doesn't get the kind of verdict they wanted from the judge, they will keep fightin...

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... sentenced to death because I don't think they really get to think about what they did every single day. I feel like that person murdered someone so we need to kill him because that person doesn't deserve to be here. I don't think that is justice at all. I would want a criminal to say in prison for the rest of their life and think about what they did.
I think they have the Death Penalty so people who are thinking about doing a crime that will make them end up in jail won't commit the crime. But these crimes still happen every day so I don't think the death penalty is effective at all.
In 2012 the United State's murder rate was 4.8 victims per 100,000 and that means that about 15,000 people were victims of homicide that year. So, the
Death Penalty doesn't really seem to be stopping people from committing these crimes so what is the point of the death penalty?
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