Should There Be Direct Laws Against Police Brutality

Police Brutality Should there be direct laws to counter it? My ISP is on police brutality, and if there should be direct laws that counter it. Currently in several countries, there are laws against use of excessive force but not against the other types of police brutality, and most of the time the police’s authority overrules the jury. What is Police brutality? Police brutality is when a police officer uses unnecessary and excessive force on a suspect, but can also include verbal attacks and psychological intimidation. Police brutality is one of the several forms of police misconduct, along with false arrest; intimidation; racial profiling; political repression; surveillance abuse; sexual abuse; and police corruption. Police brutality is in almost every country, even in places where it is illegal. Examples are in Ukraine, Quebec and Los Angeles. Why do police officers be brutal to people they want to protect? The reason is that some officers can suffer from personality disorders, previous traumatic job-related experience, inexperience or aggressiveness; inappropriate patrol styles, and personal problems. These problems can cause officers to use excessive force against civilians. There is times where officers either feel panic and do impulsive actions of when officers feel too excited after pursuits and attack suspects after they stopped. This is called High Speed Pursuit Syndrome. What is being done about it? Many countries prosecute officers who are guilty of using excessive force, but there are no direct laws to counter all forms of police brutality, as an example, police in New York pepper-sprayed 3 little children (5 month, 2 year and 4 year old) and their mother because they thought that they were trying to fare dodge ... ... middle of paper ... ...spects bodies. They also carry either a S&W Model 5906 or a Glock 17. Riot police/SWAT officers, on the other hand, have much more advanced and lethal weapons at their disposal. Riot control usually carry heavy armor and will probably have a riot shield.They can also carry less than lethal weapons, such as tear gas, and a 12-gauge shotgun loaded with rubber bullets or beanbags. The SWAT have the arsenal closet to military, with heavy armor, riot control agents, wide arrays of lethal weapons and armored cars. The SWAT use almost every kind of weapon, with sidearms, SMG’s, carbine rifles, shotguns and sniper rifles. As you can see, the police have a vast array of weapons that they can use to attack and beat suspects or civilans more than they are supposed to. Police can use these combined with their advantage in court causes them to be able to do whatever they want.

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