Should The US Government be Allowed to Spy on Americans to Avoid Terrorism?

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Should The US Government be Allowed to Spy on Americans to Avoid Terrorism? Which is more important, your privacy or your safety? This question often arises when the inclination of the United States government spying on American citizens is approached. The United States of America has a far-reaching history with National Security Agencies (NSA). The NSA is a United States intelligence agency responsible for the production and management of intelligence and information assurance for the United States government. The concept that American citizens should place their trust in government efforts to spy and do right by the people with national security in there hands posses too many dangers. Although the government claims to be spying on its citizens for their own protection, the question still remains, should the United States government have the authority to spy on American citizens to avoid terrorism? There are many types of surveillance’s that the government as set in motion. For instance, computer surveillance, phone surveillance, and Camera surveillance. The government is always claiming that they aren’t spying on everyday Americans but on the webpage on How the National Security Agency private domestic Spying Program Works, tells us a whole different story. The Government first convinced the major telephone companies such as Sprint and AT&T to deliver the records of the call-detail of their customers. This was done without any judicial oversight or a warrant. Also these phone companies allowed the National Security Agency to install practical transmission surveillance equipment Where the NSA could analyze certain key words or keyboard patterns and the connections. No warrant was issued for this as well it violat... ... middle of paper ... that are relatively safe from outside prying eyes, they are called Mesh, and a mesh can be used as a cheap way to access the regular Internet. Thousands of communities worldwide have been building these build your own networks to keep the government from prying into regular people business. It is said when a person runs this network nobody can shut it down. But if somehow, even though these mesh groups are private, and there broken encryptions, mesh can hook up to regular internet, for instance Via satellite then this person can be sending signals back out to where the NSA can get access to be able to set up taps. This software is likely to gain traction among terrorist here at home; it makes sense for Americans to invest in this because of the way we live today. This parallel, and worldwide Internet is run by the people, for the people.
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