Should The President Be Impeached?

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The most controversial headlines today focus on the President of

The United States, Bill Clinton. These headlines have nothing to do with

his Foreign policies, deficit control, or the United States budget spending

rather focus specifically on the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal and the

impeachment hearings. Currently President Clinton faces impeachment

hearings. Due to certain allegations caused by the so-called, "sex

scandal". In the history of the United States only two prior presidents

faced impeachment. In both cases a conviction was never accomplished,

making this particular case very sensitive. Such an issue must be

approached very carefully and treated with great importance. Andrew

Johnson was the first president to be impeached, but he was not convicted

by one vote(Sexton 89). Richard Nixon also faced impeachment hearings,

but resigned his office as president to avoid the trial (Drew 79). The

act of presidential impeachment being rare to our nation , the process

itself needs to be further clarified and certain questions need to be

answered. Is impeachment a remedy to the situation ? Should the president

be impeached and convicted?

The impeachment process is part of the checks and balances of our

government. The power of impeachment allows congress to remove the

president out of office. In this particular case if Bill Clinton is

convicted, he is thrown out of office, and Vice President Al Gore replaces

him as President. The U.S. constitution explains impeachment as the removal

from office for , and conviction of treason , or bribery , or other high

crimes and misdemeanors (Gerberg ,28 ). Impeachment protects the

citizens of the nations from a chief executive that is involved in criminal

activities . A committee in the House of Representatives brings forth

allegations towards the president in the form of articles . If the majority

of the house votes to impeach , then the senate tries the president and

needs a two - third vote in order to convict ( Sexton 88 ). In the

investigation against President Clinton the House approved impeachment

hearings by a 258 - 176 vote (The Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal 1). A small

perce ntage of democrats joined the republican majority (The Clinton-

Lewinsky Scandal 1). The trial is then conducted by the senate, if the

president is found guilty of the articles brought forth against him , he is

forced out of the presidency.

President Clinton's impeachment investigations began with what was

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