Should The Cuban Government Require Non-Cuban Businesses?

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500 words

The Cuban government requires non-Cuban businesses to hire and pay workers only through the government because the government could benefit from that. It could really be a benefit since they had already lost a lot of money through their trades. Also Cuba is a communist country, so they consider any business a part of the country. Since Cuba controls its people and everything that they do, they could even control how much they make a year. It is not surprising that Cuba did that because it is known as a greedy country. Most businesses don’t care about that, all they care about is how they are really going to benefit from their agreement. If these businesses do not care about how their workers are being treated or how little they are paid, then how do they expect their products to be good. Businesses act like it’s ethical that the government gets to keep a lot of the money from their citizens and they keep making business with Cuba. If they have to send someone to Cuba because Cuba’s government keeps changing the way that it runs its business, wouldn’t they have to start rethinking their decision. If companies want their company to be at Cuba then they should make sure that the workers get treated right and that they don’t get over worked. …show more content…

Most of Cuba’s economy is based on business and production so they cannot afford for their government to collapse. If Cuba did lose a lot of their business agreements than it could make the government go down and that is what might make Cuba’s experience different from that of Russia and China. Russia’s and China’s governments could both do fine if they lose some business agreements because their countries’ economy is much more than Cuba’s economy. Also Russia and China both have more support from other countries than Cuba

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the cuban government requires non-cuban businesses to hire and pay workers only through the government because they could benefit from that.
  • Opines that if cuba's government collapses and the nation embarks on an economic transition it would make a big impact on the businesses in cuba.
  • Explains that the united states has a hard line against doing business with cuba because of the way cuba runs its businesses.
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