Should Student Athletes Be Paid?

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There are 460,000 NCAA student-athletes competing this school year (NCAA). With so many individuals that are going to college just for a degree it should be considered a valuable option to help pay for expenses. Student athletes should be paid because the school is making money off of the students’ athletic performances, the full-scholarships the students may be receiving does not cover all the costs of attending college, the young adults should not have to quit their college education because their bills are too much. Student-athletes should be paid in some fashion other than their scholarship because their school is making millions off of them every year. Sports such as basketball and football have now become the main forms of revenue for certain school and fund the rest of the athletic program. The student-athletes are the reason why these schools are able to much such a drastic income off these sports. The issue becomes when students do not just make money for their schools they create a significant revenue from shoe companies to television networks. The economic effect these pl...

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