Should Student Athletes Be Paid?

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College is a huge step that many people take in order to set themselves up for success in the future. From all over the world people with many different goals go to college to learn the necessary skills they need in order to do what it is that they want to do. Whether it’s to be a painter, an actor, or a detective, people go to college to hone their skills to have a lucrative career. Athletics is also one of those things. Many Students go to college in order to properly learn how to advance in the sport that they want to play, or be a professional. While in college you do not usually get paid beyond a scholarship if you are a student. That even goes for Student-Athletes. Student-Athletes was a coined term specifically to show that the Athletes are students first, and amateur’s athletes. Because they are amateurs they have not yet stepped into the level where they should be paid. That’s where the NCAA steps in. the NCAA is a non-profit organization that controls the regulation of college sports in division 1, division 2, and division 3 programs. The NCAA came about in 1910 in order to govern college athletics because people did not want students running intercollegiate sports. Back then there was no thought of money or revenue coming from sports. As college sports became more popular, and televised the conversation began. The argument on whether or not student-athletes should be played has been going on for a long time. Many people say things like if you pay the athletes it would ruin the purity of college sports, and the players would compete more for money than for the love of the game. They say this even though the college coaches not only get paid, but they get paid more than professional coaches at times, and no one complain... ... middle of paper ... ...e to make money the wrong thing is often looked at. many people think that college athletes should be paid because NCAA makes money off of them. The NCAA making money pff of its athletes is not something that is very you can prove easily. Although, the case can be made that college athletes should be able to make money off of themselves. In the world of college athletics no college athlete is allowed to generate any sort of profit for themselves. whether its having people pay for autographs, or having a job athletes are not permitted to be paid by anyone. If an athlete could get a job at a local pizza shop, that would appease more of the problems than if the NCAA or universities were to pay the athletes. However, a majority of the people see the problem more as who is not paying the athletes more than the simple fact of the athletes just aren 't being paid by anyone.

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