Should Society Support Pregnant Teens

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Sally just found out she is pregnant. She is scared and alone. Sally's family has rejected her and she has no way to provide for the child she is bearing. Is this the proper way to treat a teen that is pregnant? The answer is no, we should not stop the financial and emotional support of pregnant teens but in the same sense we should not increase the financial support. Who is to say that the baby should suffer from the choices the mother made? It is important that throughout the pregnancy a teen has an adult to look up to and ask for help. This will insure the mothers health and reduce stresses during pregnancy and the babies health during and after pregnancy.

When parents of pregnant teens first find out that their child is pregnant they probably experience a wide range of emotions, from shock and disappointment to grief and worry about the future. this can then turn into rejection or anger. on the other hand others are happy about the news of a soon-to-be grandchild — especially if the teen is older and in a mature relationship. According to, some teens are terrified of hearing they are pregnant and will wait as long as possible to tell their parents out of fear of the unknown. they fear that when telling them, the parents will lash out or immediately reject the truth and get mad. instead though, most parents after given time to let the news sink in are willing to help their teen go through the process of pregnancy and are supportive of the teen. the sooner a teen does tell their parents about the pregnancy the greater the chances are of the baby growing up to be healthy and worry free because the parents can get the teen the necessary doctors appointments needed to insure the babies health.


... middle of paper ... proper nutrition, health care, and cognitive and social stimulation. As a result, they are at risk for lower academic achievement. Children born to teenage mothers are also at more risk for abuse and neglect. Another worry of teen mothers and parents of the teens may be the average cost of all the prenatal care and delivery. Over all the cost of the whole pregnancy is about $1,862 for prenatal and any were between $6,200-$15,500 for delivery. After this is summed up it is no wonder most teens do not seek the proper care for their baby during the pregnancy.

When it comes to teen pregnancies the doors should not automatically be slammed shut instead do the research get the help and try to support the teens in society that are pregnant and keep them in school any way possible. by doing this it will greatly decrease the likely hood of the chain to continue.
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