Should Smoking Be Banned Public Places?

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Nowadays many countries in the world have passed laws to ban smoking in public places. However, smoking in public still happens frequently. Some smokers claim that their rights are infringed if smoking is forbidden in public places. However, most non-smokers regard the ban as good news. As far as I’m concerned, smoking should be banned in all the public places such as restaurants, theaters and public square. No one will judge a smoker smokes alone in his/her personal space. However, smoke in public affect other people and the environment, it should be banned. Passive smoking kills so many people and it 's unfair to others, especially nonsmokers. Some people think prohibit smoking in public violate smoking people’s human right. They think since they pay for cigarette and even higher tax than other goods, they have the same right with non-smoking people to stay in public. Aiming at this statement, I want to point that the high tax they paid for “benefits smokers only”. According to “A Cigarette Tax That Would Benefit Smokers Only”, “Obviously Canada has identified the high cost of medical care for tobacco users! In its socialized sys-tem, it is attempting to recover some of this money in tax dollars to help finance government health cost and discourage tobacco use.” Normally smoking people have more health problem than nonsmoking people, the high tax government gathered are usually paid for the health cost for those smoking people. And about the human right, smoking people absolutely have the same right stay in public as nonsmoking people, that is why we have smoking area. Smoke in specific area instead smoke everywhere in public. Smoking or not is your choice, but if smoking in public affect others, you should consider if it is ap... ... middle of paper ... ...think it make them more like adult. Lots of parents tell their children only adults can smoke unconsciously. Some adolescents then think smoke will let them become more mature. And when they go the public place such like restaurant, shopping mall, park, they always see adults smoke, they might think it is cool if they can take a puff at the cigarette. Nowadays the majority of smokers begin to smoke early in the adolescent period, before the age of 18 years. This bring lots of public problems and health problems. Adolescents do not have source of income, and they cannot let their parents know they need money to buy cigarette. What will they do to get money? Steal or rob? This induce adolescent crime. If smoking is banned in all the public places, most of us will breathe in more fresh and clean air. And the health condition of all the people will be greatly improved.
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